• Disciplinary Rules & Regulations

  • List of Rules & Regulations for Students

  • For the sake of the prestige of the college students are expected to maintain decorum in their behavior.
  • Students are advised to attend all classes and to ensure that they maintain the attendance criteria as laid down in the MJPR University Bareilly ordinance governing the same. A minimum of 75% attendance separately in each subject is compulsory to appear in final exam. In case of deviation, University has full right to detain the student from appearing from exam. For details, students are advised to read the university ordinance carefully which is available at http://www.mjpru.ac.in/
  • Participation of students in academic activities such as workshop /seminar is mandatory.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the college campus without written permission from class coordinator during teaching hours.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from any acts of violence/abuse/intimidation against any of the students, employees, and faculty members of the College. Students are advised to show decent, sincere and cordial attitude towards their classmates, faculty and other employees of the College.
  • Students’ loitering in the campus is not allowed.
  • Ragging is an inhuman act and is prohibited both inside and outside the campus of the College. The Honorable Supreme Court of India has taken serious cognizance of the offence of ragging and has issued strict instruction to ensure its elimination. Students shall not directly or indirectly involve in, aid or assist any activity that might be construed as ragging. Violators can face necessary disciplinary and legal action. It includes lodging of a criminal case against the student at the Police Station as per the directive of the Honorable Supreme Court of India as well as expulsion from the College. (For details, refer to Anti-ragging policy of the College available at College website http://www.gkmpooranpur.com/Ragging.aspx)
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, gambling, chewing pan/pan-masala/gutka, and use of, or the possession of such substances, anywhere in the College campus, is strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying any weapon/ explosive/fire arm inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are advised not to involve in any illegal, unethical, immoral activities inside/ outside the College campus, they will be liable for punishment as per College rules.
  • Safety of all personal valuables/belongings will be the responsibility of the student own.
  • If the student is found indulged in activities resulting in direct/indirect loss/damage to the College property, it shall be borne by the student.
  • Adherence to dress code is compulsory for allied activities in the campus. Students are also expected to dress decently in the campus.
  • Each student will be issued an Identity card which is non-transferable I-card should be duly signed by the chief-proctor.
  • In case of any dispute on any matter, the decision of the College would be final and binding.
  • Authority of the College possesses the right to modify/change the aforesaid rules from time to time in future and it shall be binding upon the students.

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