Sports Activities

Along with an ever competitive and struggling spirit in academic, fun and exciting way to get involved in physical activities becomes necessary for the students. Sports provide for a well-rounded character. They assist to develop skills based on teamwork, as well as teach young people how to set goals and persevere through hardships to attain those goals. Physical, emotional, and mental development and upliftment provided by sports is incredible.

GKPG provides innumerable sports opportunities to the students to give performance at inter college level and Inter university level in various games and sports. The College provides many sports facilities in the sports complex of the campus like indoor Yoga hall, Table tennis, Badminton court, Basketball court. Apart from these, College has grounds for outdoor games like Handball, Volleyball, Football, Kabaddi, Kho – Kho, Hockey track for athletics and cycling.

To facilitate and promote healthy competition among students, College organizes Annual Sports Meet every year.

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